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Lake Simcoe - ATV / Snowmobile regulations

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Need a little help from you fellow Lake Simcoe fisherman.

Finally going to Lake Simcoe this year in February.

What are the rule's and/or regulations for quad's / snowmobiles on Lake Simcoe.

What do you guy's do? I've read you need helmet's. Anything else? We'll have two quad's and a snowmobile. Can you tow people behind the vehicle?

I would like to get all detail's taking care of well in advance. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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Snowmobiles and quad must insured in Canada. And anything you tow behind them must be solidly atach to vehicle. In other words no rope or chains. I m not positive but I do believe you are aloud to puul someone behind you. Hope this helps.
I am also planning a trip in late February possibly early March.
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