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Friend was out this afternoon for a walk and looked at some of the lakes. Looks like they are starting to freeze back over/ frozen completely over. He didn’t get a ice thickness check. Snow will cover whatever ice we have unfortunately. Gives a little hope for being back on ice here shortly.
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Everything wide open as of last night here in Livingston/Washtenaw county. Which I was actually happy about considering the snow would had slowed production down. Some serious cold coming. … let’s hope it stays for the entire month.
Was out today, found some “walkable” ice. I would not consider it safe at all. Top 2 inches of ice was partially frozen slush with a thin layer of water under it. Bottom 1-2inch layer was clear ice but it was looking pretty honey combed. Spudded out a hole saw that and instantly went back in. There was some open water out there. Still a few days out before it’s safe enough to walk out there. Ended up poking some holes on the dock and ended the day with 5 keeper perch.
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