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Lake Neppessing, Ponemah , Wixom

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Has anyone ever fished these lakes before. I am interested in bass fishing them. If anyone has any info on them and would share it it would be very much appreciated.
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wixom.ponemah,neppessing........all have bass..wixom would offer the most consistent of the three, both species. wixom lots weeds,but plenty of deep areas, great for any method u might choose. anytime of year any day of week. nep is morehit and miss , can b great can b awful....my best luck has always been in the northwest 1/4 of the lake..weekends can b hell ,no where to escape the pleasure boaters, launch is small, parking sparse. ponemah..a less productive lake of the three, but enough, cuts,bays,shallows to avoid some of the boat traffic...but don't b surprised if u catch very little some days..the walleye stockings to the latter two seem to have impacted the number of bass caught..albeit nep does(on a good day) give up what would b a nice stringer or tournament bag! good luck..catch u on the water
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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