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Fished Mitchell today from about 8AM-5PM. This may have been the worst wind I have ever dealt with while ice fishing. It let up to just a good wind once in a while, but most of the time it just stayed plain powerful. I caught a couple of dinks earlier in the morning and missed out on several opportunities with what I assume were pike - 3 flags & 2 missed fish in the shanty - all on minnows. The guy I was fishing with made the most out of most of his opportunities and wound up landing 5 or 6 :confused: pike, the largest somewhere around 28" or so. All of his fish came on minnows as well (golden shiners).

Ice thickness was 8-9", I measured to be sure. There were quite a few people driving cars on the ice, which was suprising to me, but it appeared to be suporting them well enough. After today's freeze there should be even more ice!

Hope the report helped,

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