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Lake Margrethe ice conditions???

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Anyone have any recent reports of ice conditions on Lake Margrethe?

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I heard last weekend that the ice is good and they have been hitting the eyes.
As a matter of fact I fished Margereithe on Friday afternoon/night out of the state park landing off M72. The ice was 5-7 inches thick and we were fishing with a lot of others in the narrows. Plenty of fishermen, but not many fish. Rumours abounded of 24" 28" walleye being caught earlier in the week. I was advised to use a Rapala #7 in fire-tiger pattern, tipped with a minnow on the middle hooks.
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I'm Glad to see this lake freezeing over,We'll have to make a
trip up there, we do very well with the walleye on that lake.
Yes there is six inches of ice, was there on sunday and got one eye 19.5" on a tip-up in 12' of water after dark. Good luck when you go.
Thanks for the reports, guys.

One last question. What's the name of that bait shop on "72"?
That name rings a bell, thanks again.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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