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Lake Mac

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I am heading out to lake Mac to troll for some walleye. Has anyone tried Mac in the last week or so? I am going to use big rapala's with my downriggers and troll 1 to 1.5 mph and see what happens. If anyone has any comments on how to fish for fall walleyes it would be awesome. I am very new to walleye fishing and now is a great time to start. I have until next weekend if anybody is interested in giving it a try.
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You may want to try casting and vertical jigging in and around the rocks and channel mouth inland. Lakers and whitefish are supposed to be in there thick too! Hopkins spoons and countdown rapalas 10's and 12's casted and pause and jerked in should be the ticket on or near the bottom.

If you troll I'd try #13 floaters with snap weights or #10-12 deep husky jerks behind the boards. If lake surface temps ar near 40 and below I'd stick with 1.0 mph or less. Maybe use the bow mount and sweep and pull with a rod in hand instead of a board for more erratic action. Good luck!

BTW: You may even want to throw some shiner tipped jigs casted and bounced back. Check my Muskegon Lake report for a link to an article written by Mark Martin on trolling for beast walleye this time of year. Great article!
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Since my little incidental catch back on nov 17th I have been back several times, hunting for marbel eyes.....I have done the best casting finding the clear water out near the channel....Fuzzy grubs tipped with minnows, and perch fat raps...;)
I forgot to mention, all the fish I caught using those tech were during the day....I ended up with a 6, two 7lbers and a 10lb...Those fish out of the Mac system are fat!:D
Thanks for the update Todd. How deep of waters were you concentrating on in Mac with the jigs?

If you are ever looking for someone to get out with let me know. I checked out your pix gallery. Nice! I recognised a few of those spots.
12-14ft with the jigs.....I tried hopkins spoons but i seem to foul hook a bunch of Lakers, doing that, there seems to be bunch of those bugger in there.....I would be more then happy to give you shout next time i go after old marble eyes out there.;)
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