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Glad to see everyone at the weigh-in and the turnout of boats. Looks like more silver is being caught on Lake H.

Too bad it was not pull lines at 7:00am.......

We decided to roll the dice a bit and fish Harbor Beach. With all of the rain that we had gotten, we kind of thought that the water would be a bit warmer than it was and move some fish up norht. But I think it just made the smaller streams down south flowing a bit better, getting the bait into the mouth of those streams, and the silver chasing them.

We motored up to Port Hope and found 37 degree water in 80 FOW. I told the boys that we would not be able to set up here and we had to go inside.

We got most of our spread in the water when a high diver back 80 took off. I grabbed the rod and all I could do was hold on for the ride as I watched the counter go all the way to 245ft. Then a halfcore took off viciously and another one right by it, and then the low diver next to me goes. 4 kings on at 6:40am.

We farmed one of the half core kings, but managed to boat the other three kings.

that was it for us. game over. We might have had another 2 smaller silvers on divers but they got off fast.

3 Kings going just over 30 pounds.

Perfect day to be out on the water with your buds.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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