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Z-1 Paul Zimmer 49.35 lbs -Super Skipper Award
Grey Wolf-Mark Goddeeris 49.05 lbs
No Name - Bob Hayes 44.80 lbs
Deadfish Inn Hunter Dureka 41.75 lbs
Balls R Draggin Nick Schnepp 41.75Lbs
Fishigan Dave Rymar 30.25lbs
In the Red Jeff Parker 24.60 lbs
Fisher of Men John Qualls 21.35 lbs
Swordfish Al Paoletti 19.40 lbs
Big R Ron Siewertsen 18.55 lbs

Largest Walleye Brent Gilmore 7.10 lbs
Lake Trout N/A
Coho Rob Helzer 7.35 lbs
Steelhead 7.10 lbs Jerry Zobel
King Paul Zimmer 12.65 lbs
Brown Trout Humter Dureka 9.45 lbs

It was great to see all the honest anglers about the Laker. We a ton were caught in the lake. And we know how dificult it would be to pull a Laker from the river.

Thanks to all that attended.

PS. I debated putting this in the Tournament forum, but I was hoping guys would post their reports as relpies to this thread.

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Glad to see everyone at the weigh-in and the turnout of boats. Looks like more silver is being caught on Lake H.

Too bad it was not pull lines at 7:00am.......

We decided to roll the dice a bit and fish Harbor Beach. With all of the rain that we had gotten, we kind of thought that the water would be a bit warmer than it was and move some fish up norht. But I think it just made the smaller streams down south flowing a bit better, getting the bait into the mouth of those streams, and the silver chasing them.

We motored up to Port Hope and found 37 degree water in 80 FOW. I told the boys that we would not be able to set up here and we had to go inside.

We got most of our spread in the water when a high diver back 80 took off. I grabbed the rod and all I could do was hold on for the ride as I watched the counter go all the way to 245ft. Then a halfcore took off viciously and another one right by it, and then the low diver next to me goes. 4 kings on at 6:40am.

We farmed one of the half core kings, but managed to boat the other three kings.

that was it for us. game over. We might have had another 2 smaller silvers on divers but they got off fast.

3 Kings going just over 30 pounds.

Perfect day to be out on the water with your buds.

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What a day on Lake Huron.... 7 Kings, 2 Cohos, 13 released lakers, 2 lost silvers & patridge in a peir tree.:eek:

I cant beleive how slow Lake Huron is. Those Lake MI guys might as well stay over there. Geeez.:rolleyes:
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