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Just for clarification, I'm sure Spud just missed this-it's St. Clair Lake, not Sinclair. A beautiful, fairly remote area of small lakes inbetween Central Lake and East Jordan that eventually connect to Intermediate Lake if you have a boat small enough to get under the bridges. A few cabins and summer homes, but mostly wetlands around the shoreline. Fairly shallow, muck bottom. Decent to good panfishing for bluegill and crappie and very good bass fishing. There's a really nice, wild preserve at one end of it, that end connects to Six Mile Lake, another beautiful Antrim lake that's also partly in Charlevoix County. Not a bad waterfowling area, either.

Because it's in Echo Township, I think the tax base is still fairly reasonable for Antrim County...I'd really like to see this property go to someone who would leave it wild-there's so little of that left in Antrim County.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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