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Lake Cadillac

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Saw lots a folks out there on the ICE as I went by yesterday afternoon. Anyone catching anything out there and how safe is the ice, nice enough to take the youngsters?
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Three days before Christmas they said the ice was 6-8 inches. I went out that afternoon and it was at about 4-6 in the areas I put holes. With the warm spell and rain, now they are saying it is at 7-10 when I called???? Something isn't right. I thought warm air and rain melted the ice, but then again, what do I know, I am new.:confused:
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I drove by yesterday afternoon and there were a lot of guys fishing by the beach area. A smaller number on the east side with a lot of kids running around having fun. I saw some small blugill on the ice. I didn't think the ice would have been safe yet.
but drove back by on my way back downstate and there were lots of people both on the beach area of the state park and on the main lake there by the drive by. Must be getting something out there cause me and the wife thought there were a lot of people.
If they're fishing on Lake Cadillac off 115 behind the Marina Bar, they're most likely fishing for perch and crappie.

John Deere, the ice has been "safe" pretty close to a month now.

I fished Mitchell today (Friday 2/04) there was a good 6 to 7 inches of solid ice with a few 4 wheelers & snowmobiles driving on the ice. We caught around 35 to 40 small perch (3"-6") behind Pilgrim's Village bait shop with only 2 keepers 1-9" & 1-8". We also fished in big bay cove and caught a couple of small crappie & perch. We saw 3 nice crappie & 1 nice gill caught out of probably 50 guys fishing in the 3 hours over there. Also saw 2 nice pike caught and a few small ones. Overall pretty slow day for catching but it was fun especially for the first trip of the year. Drove around Cadillac only a few guys fishing on it. :)
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