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ok, what do you all keep your dogs in. My bird dogs are in chain link with concret floors and I keep my new GSP(Kimber) in the house I also keep my beagles in off the ground kennels with 1x4 treated wood on the floors and 1x4 all purpose fence on top and sides
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Up north Kennel

At home I have off the ground kennels.
This pic is kinda hard to see the off the ground kennels.
But I have them enclosed with privacy fence so the dogs can run around during the day.
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i keep my hounds outside in a roofed kennel. they share one big kennel and one large size house to keep each other warm. i am lucky they are littermates and they actually get along with no problems. i have a p-rock flooring, come spring i will be looking for a different flooring. i like the p-rock for my dogs feet but the clean up is crappy ;) and one of my boys is a digger :mad:

later, dave
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When we move in a few years I'm going to set it up differantly.

I want a garage with the houses on the inside and off the ground runs on the outside.

Also I want runs on both side so I can keep femals on one side and males on the other.

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rob, what do you use for the flooring for your off the ground runs?

later, dave
You can get it from scotts dog supply.

Works well and it will support a hound no problem if it's braced right. It supports me. (don't ask ):eek: :D
I have indoor/outdoor kennels off the back of my garage. The dog boxes are inside. The outside runs are 6'x12' of treated 4x4x8's sunk 3' and anchored w/concrete, with 5' high heavy wire cattle fence. I didn't pour a slab for the outside runs as there is sand all the way down to China in this area, so even after the heaviest rain or snow melt they drain quickly. I never have standing water in them.
The inside runs are 4'x6'.
Before the garage floor was poured I put 4" foam insulation under the back 8' where the kennels went. It's enough to keep their water buckets from freezing in the winter.
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thats why I started this post Rob I just moved and have not put a new kennel up yet kinda wanted to see what every one else thought
I would suggest concrete floors with a run off.

And build the boxes inside a garage if possible.

That keeps the frost out of the kennel on cold nights.

Also I use spring loaded doors.

I also have heated water bowls in every kennel.

I like the off the ground coverd kennels on the outside because they keep the dogs off the snow.

That kennel I built up north is just nice I just wish I had room to build one like that down here.
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Kennels may be great for hounds but bird dogs that hunt good should live good. My setters kennel has heat and central air plus cable TV to watch where bad bird dogs have to sleep. The only problem is when they hunt really good and I shoot really bad it's the coach for me.
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Hey WD, looks like we got the same design on dog kennels :p :p Here's the "kennel" is use for my Britts:

Sorry its a bit dark, but they don't like it very bright when they're trying to sleep. As you can see in the back ground, they do have cable TV (which they DO watch!!!!, they especially like the show "BREED ALL ABOUT IT").

Ah, the rough life of a bird dog;)
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I agree worm dunker but I train dogs for people and cant keep them all in the house. I got only 2 bird dogs of my own right now (I am down from my normal 9) and I keep 2 to 4 training dogs. man thats alot of dogs in the house. and thats not counting the dogs that I own half of that are at my partners house. I am not sure if I will get this pic in right but here is my new GSP Kimber she is a full time house dog.

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dang I cant post a pic to save my life :(
Hey Guys,

If yr building a new kennels. you should at least consider using chain link panels for the fencing. Looks like what Rob has Up North??
Reason being is that you just might move someday. Or you get a new dog and want to rearrange things. I've had sevral dog friends that built rather elaborate kennels with chainlink and posts set in cement. And then had to move for one reason or another. These things will last practically forever - I've got some panels that are over 25 yrs old. A coat of AL paint once a decade keeps em looking sharp.
I also like bank run gravel for the runs altho cement is the only way to go if you have a big kennel. I think gravel is better for their feet and ankles.
BTW my dogs get plenty of "house time" too, esp this time of year.

Natty B.
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Three 5' x 12' runs with individual insulated dog houses. Concrete floors with 6' high chain link fence.

timber you had the right idea. Load the picture to the picture section first. Then get the properties and put them in the IMG brackets. Or Email me the pic.
My thought was buying those quick set-up barns. Build the boxes inside off the ground. Then running 16ft long kennals. The dogs can have a home of thier own. Still trying to decide where to put this on the property. Especially because of snow fall and the warm sun in the summer.
I keep thinking of tearing down my current kennel and building new. If I do, I’ll have a pitched concrete slab and use sections of Magnum kennels from Tractor Supply. The Magnum kennels are much stronger than chain-link and available in 5' and 10' sections. I would build each run 5’by 20’ and build a deck for sunning and the doghouse. To finish it off, I’d add a sunscreen on top. Best part of this kennel, when I move again the only thing that stays is the concrete!

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I have 7 4'x6'x10' kennels made out 9 gauge chain link. They set on a cement slab that has a 1/2" drop per foot with a 6" back wash. Between the main slab and the back wash I have a drain that feeds into 200 gallon septic and it has a roof over it. (check out all the snow) On the inside I have 3' tall walls made out of cinder blocks. The barn is 24'x32' and is heated with a wood furnace. With the extra space I store dog feed, all my training equipment, gamebird bird feed, and hay for the horse's.

I also have 10 fair weather runs that are 4'x5'x10' made with 4'x4's and welded wire with ruff house dog house's in each one.
I also have a 10'x10'x5' puppy pen.

I then put a 11 gauge 6' tall chain link fence around it all.

It is a good set up that works great.
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