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keeping your spikes fresh

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Here is an easy way to seperate your spikes to add fresh sawdust . I order my spikes in bulk for the season and place them in some qt deli containers with holes in the lids in the fridge.I obtain some dry pine sawdust from a local mill. I then:D sneek into the kitchen a take the spaghetti collander to the garage.Dump the spikes into the collander and use a circular motion to seperate the spikes and sawdust.A up and down shaking motion may injure or bruise the spikes.Once you have seperated the spikes you can add new sawdust to them and place them back into the container.Remember to keep any moisture from gathering on the lids.If the spikes head to the bottom of the container,just invert the container and they will go to the bottom again.When you are rady for some spikes they will be near the lid.Just remember to put the collander back in the kitchen.:D
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Just don't let the better half catch you for sure! My wife would try to kill me for sure.:D
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