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Fished a tourney on sat at the Kazoo river, along with 37 other anglers from the BC steelheader club. First day of spring brought us about every kind of weather all in one day, lightning, rain, hail, wind and then sun. It did not snow though!:p
The sucker run has started, and I caught my share of them. We did manage to get 3 steelies to the boat for the 3 fish weigh-in, but fell pretty short of a repeat win. We did have fun though, and the river was very very busy after the rain stopped. I would bet it will be very busy for the next few weeks. Most of the steelies were caught on spawn, with a few on cranks.

I did see a few idiots leaving the access site with a huge poached walleye. I did get their license number and called it in. I hope they get burned, but I doubt it. Real smart guys, lets eat a 10 lb walleye from the kazoo river. The way they were lying about it, I think they have eatten a few of them! Morons. The Dam area is full of that type. especially when the warmer weather gets here..
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