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Jump traps

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Just curious about peoples experiences with jump traps. What are the pros :D and cons :eek: ? Jody
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Well since I have never set one to catch an animal I can't say. But since I have set a few checking them out I would say a good jump #4 would be okay for beaver on slide wires but the smaller jumps I don't think have the power to hold an animal for 24hrs unless it is on a drowning cable.

Dave Lyons

It may be faster then the 750 but does it have the holding POWER of a 750 I know of only one other beaver trap that holds as well as a 750 and that is CDR 7.5

Ask Mallard what he thought of the JAKE Trap before he used on. I know he LAUGHED at the trap because of its speed but I know he wasn't laughing when he seen it in action.

BTW a JAKE trap is the best of the best coyote and bobcat traps. At $32 a trap.

Here you go. First of all if you are at all trapping red fox I would not use this trap. The trap is for coyotes and cats only.


1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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