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Jump traps

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Just curious about peoples experiences with jump traps. What are the pros :D and cons :eek: ? Jody
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Dave's right. When I saw the Jake trap at first it almost seemed to fire in slow motion, but the holding strength can't be denied. Very nice trap for yote's if trap theft isn't a concern. As far as jumps go I'm not a big fan of them. The smaller sizes are simply too light for what I'm trying to do, which is put the critter on bottom and keep them there. They also seem to create more misses, and whether this is due to the underspring flipping the animal's pad, or due to the pans being pinch pans (I'm not aware of any jumps with a tension screw) and not allowing you to control the firing weight. The only thing I know for a fact is I experienced far more misses and wring outs on smaller critters with the smaller jumps, and just plain old misses with the #4 jumps. Changing trap styles to a coil or a #4/5 DBLS with a Paws-I-Trip pan added solved this problem immediately and I never looked back. Maybe I didn't give them a fare shake, but for what it worth I'm not going back to try and solve the issue and my shed is officialy jump free. Funny thing is I have 1/2 a dozen #1 jump stop-losses being sent to me as we speak. I will not be setting these traps, but to trap collectors they are fun to look at, and they pay well for them. The traps Dave mentioned are fine coils, and many experienced beaver/otter trappers use them exclusively for foot holds. I like the #4 and #5 Double Long Springs, but that's just a matter of preferance in setting and not preformance. I can also say that 85% of my beaver / otter sets are with conibears, but I guess it just depends on what areas and conditions you trap.
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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