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Jerky swap!!! O yeah!!!

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Ok someone on the Ohio site had this idea. Woman have towel, langerie, and book swaps well why not have a Jerky SWAP!!! Is this not the best idea ever! I dont know how much would be sufficient yet , 12 peices for 12 participants...?anyone interested? im still working out the rules and open to suggestions.
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Ok heres the rules

11 guys ( plus me )
12 peices of 6" long jerky 1/4 inch thick
Any meat any flavor

Ill make my hot and spicy venison jerky
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Nobody is jumping on this very fast...you might want to post a link in sound off. I will do it, however my jerky is vac sealed into packages that I cut into bite sized chunks...I could approximate 12 pieces....It is bear jerky that I just did over the Christmas Holidays.
Im glad someone finally saw this, but unfortunatley Ive got way too much going on and Im back to work so I leave it to you NEMichsportsman or whoever else might be interested. I only had the time over the holidays but I think the rules I set up were pretty good eh? Go for it man I dub thee your Jerky Highness!:D
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Ok Im up to it again. Ill see if we can get enough people before I go any further. So whos interested?
made any kind of jerky, but will send you some store bought crap to be on the list to try out some of the other jerkys out there. Maybe, you can get me to buy a gas//propane smoker. Ive got the $$, just need the know how. Thank-you in advance.
Wow this post is older than my waders by now.. :)) I dont have the time but encourage you to go for it . By the way how did you find this relic?
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