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Jeff "Bear" Anderws

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Will Be at Flymart in Royal Oak this Saturday for a 4- hour session on tying. there is a cost & I don't know how much space is there, Thought I'd pass it along.

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Spend the day with one of the Midwest's most innovative and well-known fly tyers. Jeff will be conducting an all-day, hands-on seminar showing you how to tie some of the coolest, best-producing steelhead patterns for our Great Lakes steelhead. Please pre-register, as we will be including lunch with the seminar and need to have an accurate head count. Fee of $25 includes a delicious lunch, refreshments, and materials to tie the flies Jeff will be covering.


10 AM-3 PM

Little Forks Outfitters ~ 143 E. Main St. ~ Midland, MI 48640
Phone: 989-832-4100 ~ Fax: 989-832-1893 ~ Toll Free: 877-550-4668
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You can bring your vise to Little Forks. If you feel uncomfortable about bringing your vise let John know you brought it. He knows what vises he has in the store and upstairs.

There is a nice sized classroom type area that Little Forks uses for the classes. They do not overbook, it is a fist come first served deal. I was first so I feel secure.

If you are interested in getting fly tying material that Jeff "Bear" Andrews uses, maybe John can make some kind of a deal with a group purchase. It would be worth asking about.

Be warned, the last free semminar that I attended there I ended up spending $70+ dollars there for more fly tying goodies.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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