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Jan 3rd Pheasant Hunt

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No complaints about the bird hunting at K&K Gamebirds. Since the pup is actually now just about 11 months, she pointed and held her point far above our expectations. In all I believe we brought home, 5 ringnecks, 4 hens, 3 cock huns, 2 hen huns, and chukar partridge. 15 out of 16 birds wasn't bad, especially at $13 dollars a piece only.

The ride home seemed much shorter for her than the way there...

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We started around 8:30 this morning and ended around 2PM. Enough hunting for the us. We actually missed 3 birds (1 ringneck and 2 hens) on the day.

As far as the pictures go, on my digital, that's the standard size they come out. I do all of my adjustments on picture size through "poloroid photo max."

Forget them preserve dogs, give me a call, we'll come out free of charge :D and I wont even bring a gun... just a camera.

I planning on another pheasant hunt before the end of the year. I'll let you know about that...

Speaking of which, maybe we could organize a pheasant hunt w/ all of us MI-Sportsman junkies. With all of us w/ dogs and no more birds, it could be a blast.

Let me know anytime your (or anyone) heading towards Harrison or anywhere, we'll be sure to join you.

1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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