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It's so big!!

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Well we finally have our fifth wheel home and it is even bigger than what I remember it at the show. I drove it home from Wayland with white knuckles all the way. Especially when a group of "crotch rockets" came flying through traffic. They were weaving in and out of traffic causing alot of people to put on there brakes to let them pass including myself.

Once we got home we were checking out the our new RV only to find that we had drove home without a plate on the back. The dealer had forgotten to put it on. Thank goodness we did not get pulled over.:dizzy: :dizzy:

The last two days I have been putting alll the things in it that I have been collecting since Feb. It is like filling a whole new house up with things. I still have alot more things to buy before we are ready to take it on a trip.

Speaking of trips. Lets hope the gas prices go down before I go. It cost me $30.00 just to drive back from Wayland. I can only imagine what it will cost if we head out on a long trip. But in the end it will all be worth it. No more sleeping in a tent during steelhead season, freezing my butt off. Now I will be toasty warm. We also purchased one of the new Honda generators that is pretty quiet. Not AS quiet as I though they would be but quieter than most I have been around.

Here is a picture of what my new fifth wheel looks like: http://www.generalrv.com/inventory-detail.aspx?InventoryID=9966
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My question is what did you buy to pull it to the top of the mountain you live on?

I will be home Thurs evening. Give me a call so we can talk turkeys.

Hey guys.

You can post all the directions you want from Shelby Township.

Wolf_Dancer34 lives on the west coast. Shelby, Michigan---Pleasent rural community. 30 miles from either Ludington or Muskegon;)
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