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Well here we go. It was just a matter of time before they got to Michigan I guess. This type of legislation has been tried in several states already, including PA, OH, IL, WI and CA just to name a few....

On the surface this type of legislation might sound reasonable, but it's important to realize that the driving force behind this type of legislation are the anti groups such as PETA and the HSUS, who's main goal is to eradicate all pet and animal ownership, be it simply your household dog or cat, or the many animals that are raised for food in this country.

I urge everyone to send letters and make calls to your state representative opposing this bill! Please act NOW or your dogs and other pets may become as extinct as dove hunting has become in this state!

Email from John Yates of the ASDA:

Restrictive kennel legislation was introduced in Michigan yesterday.

Representative Bill Caul of Mt. Pleasant introduced Michigan
House Bill 6395, which proposes to strictly regulate virtually all
responsible dog breeders.

If adopted, HB 6395 would:

* Define anyone who sells or offers for sale more than two dogs per year, or more than one litter of dogs per year, as a "pet seller."
* Mandate that those who qualify as pet sellers to acquire an
annual pet seller license from their county animal control shelter at a cost of $200/year.
* Require an applicant for a pet seller license to submit his or
her fingerprints with a license application for a criminal history and FBI background check.
* Give discretion to county animal control shelters to deny
applications for pet seller licenses, regardless of outcome of
background investigation.
* Call for pet sellers to comply with administrative rules
regarding housing that will be financially detrimental to responsible breeders who operate out of their homes.

I am looking into this now, and will prepare a report tomorrow. Meanwhile, please alert everyone you know and ask people if they will help me to get together a core group of Michigan people to fight this.

It is interesting to note that an almost identical ordinance has been introduced in the City of Chicago, and we're hearing rumbles of the same thing from Illinois and Indiana.


John Yates

The American Sporting Dog Alliance

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From John Yates of the ASDA:

An update...

I will be publishing a report on the Michigan situation today, which I'll post on about 150 message boards and send out to our people on our email database from Michigan and surrounding states.

I have asked two volunteers to enlarge our Michigan database by searching the Interent for dog owners' email addresses. These two women from Ohio, Becky Dunlap and Kendra Anne Bobulski, are TIGERS. I expect them to find a couple of thousand emails quickly, which will help us to inform a lot of Michigan dog owners and ask them to help to stop this. Between existing and new databases, and message boards, it is realistic to expect that at least 5,000 Michigan dog owners will learn about the legislation within 24 hours.

We also will work closely to assist the Michigan Hunting Dog Federation and other fine groups in the state, and will contact the elected officials suggested by mclark and Scott G.

The next step will be to prepare a formal statement of opposition to the legislation, and send it to every member of the state House and Senate.

Please keep your eyes and ears open, and let me know if you learn of any new developments. Also, please suggest any message boards that I may be missing.

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