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Neighbor has found 2-3 dead fawns in his way back yard and we have found 1 in the yard and 2 out back so far. They were all emaciated and had scat all over their back ends and we were finding really runny deer pooh in the yard.

Now while hunting I have noticed another doe fawn that is getting real skinny and she is eating constantly in food plot and grass in yard. Like off and on all day. They are still acting scared of humans.

One of the dead fawns I found out back was healthy looking and no scat around rear end.

So is there a disease that anyone has heard of that effects just fawns? We havent found adult deer yet.

Im hoping to have time tomorrow (friday) to call local dnr bio but so far work hasnt left any time to call.
Did you ever find out what the cause of death was?

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