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I serve on a Public Advisory Council (PACs) for White Lake and Muskegon Lake. WL & ML are Areas of Concern (AOCs) and are drowned river mouth lakes that usually receive the exotic invaders first from the Great Lakes. When speaking at meetings I have been expressing the challenge to the fish eating advisories when the exotics keep changing the rules. Restriction of fish consumption is a Benificial Use Impairment (BUI). The following is an email I sent to some of my cohorts.

Email to ML & WL PACs,
There have been several meetings when you have heard me discuss our BUIs using the local example of:

ML & WL sediment > zebra mussels > round goby > smallmouth bass > humans.

This December 15, 2003, Carolyn Gramling Great Lakes Radio Consortium report is now available to print out for our PACs. It explains what I was trying to describe in our PAC meetings. The original "Invasives Altering Great Lakes Food Web" report can be found at:

Roy Stein is a professor in Ohio State's Aquatic Ecology Laboratory. He says the PCBs and other contaminants, once held captive in the sediment at the bottom of Lake Erie are taken up by zebra mussels, and then the zebras are eaten by the round goby.
"And then, interestingly enough, round gobies are important prey for smallmouth bass that people eat, and all of a sudden we have the opportunity for those PCBs that were stored in the sediments to come up through the food chain and influence humans.
" So, Stein says, those contaminants that were trapped in the sediment now have a pathway up the food chain.
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