Got to go thru the gates and ride on the refuge's dikes. What a nice experience and what a place to visit. This was back on March 23rd with much of the area still under ice. Still early for many species of birds but there were thousands already there. The first stop was for trumpeter swan.

The bird was acting nervous with our presence, leaving a mound in the bullrushes and swimming back and forth in front of us. We left this spot, which wasn't very far from the Siegler road parking area, and headed to the banana dike area on Lake Erie. The Army Corp of Engineers was working on filling in a section of the dike. We stopped a little farther on and got a pick of the eagle's nest.

We also got a glimpse of some other wildlife. There were a few muskrats around, but no beaver.

It was a great day on the refuge especially so that we could drive and not have to walk like a couple of others that didn't know about the outing. I got to spend the day with my brother-in law, the professional fisherman, and my dentist Brian Hartwell along with many members of the Detroit Audobon Society.

Thanks to Joe Robison for leading us around and Zack and Chuck. Joe gave us some info on the refuge in regard to funding the projects there. The place has really changed in the past 10 years due to their efforts and money from various sources. Joe emphasized they need support from all of us and the best way is to but a refuge permit, which goes right to them, or buy a small game license. Even if you don't hunt buying the license opens the vast amount of Pittman-Robertson money that's building up quickly due to the run on guns and ammo. A $15 small game license purchase brings $45 of RP money to the state. Please buy one even if you won't use it. Stay tuned for info on the next ride on the dikes.

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