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Im ready for tomorrow

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Tip-ups, poles, wigglers, live crappie minnows, live walleye minnows, dead smelt, dead sucker minnows, wax-worms, mousies...

I'll be an on-the-ice bait supply :D

Guy in the store tonight said some woman was just bragging she caught 90 gills today, gettin a little hoggish I'd say. Seems like the DNR is only around when everyone is legal. She was fishing my lake too, grrrr. I'm kind of suprised she done that good with the east wind, mebbe my folklore fish guide is letting me down.
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I can't stand people like that.:( But oh well! Have fun and bring back a report :-D
Ohh Im glad you said that, I gotta remember to get batteries for my camera!!!
Hopefully she was talking about her group got that many. Sometimes when people are excited words don't come out right.
Anyways hope you had good luck.

We also did quite well yesterday with the East wind, we were all surprised.
Just because she caught 90 doesn't mean she kept 90.
Good Point Nudge...

Heck on Hamlin last week between two of us we probably caught over 75 gills...but we only kept our limit...

Yesterday we probably caught fifty gills but only kept 25...

It is all realative to context...Kept and caught are TWO completely different things.
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