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IH Cub

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58 Cub with lots of attachments-
60” woods mower
One bottom plow
Scraper/grader blade
PTOMounted Buzz saw
Howard rototiller
Draw bar

Trades or cash offers
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Look away Waif! Look away!

Do you have a Howard despeeder with the tiller/ Rotavator?

I might wind up missing if I look at another Cub ,but if you get selling implements separate ...
Not sure what that is Waif?
Picture did not want to download...
A despeeder is barrel shaped unit with a lever on the side and a p.t.o. shaft out the backside.
It goes over the Cub's (in this case) stock p.t.o. and reduces speed to more of a lower,or creeper gear. Cubs p.t.o.'s run the opposite direction than other tractors ,meaning more specific stuff including despeeders are unique in fit.
(There were P.T.O. reversers too ,but those seem more scarce than despeeders.)
Not so much a marketing monopoly ,but to ensure Cubs were not getting overloaded with bigger noncompatable implements..

So much for buying one from you cheap now....But they are not real common to find anymore ,and are priced accordingly if you are looking to buy rather than sell ,and if all the mounting stuff is with them ,they sell well from what I have read.
The tiller is for the cub. It is offset and made for the reverse pto.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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