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If You Positively Can't Clean Them That Night....

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Since sometimes we squeeze in a fishing trip between family, social or work obligations. I though I would share what works for me.

I take a couple of grocery store bags, line the bottom with a section of newspaper, put down a layer of panfish, another section of newspaper and repeat as required. Place them in the fridge til you can get to them. The top layer of two will likely have live fish in the morning. Another benefit(other that dealing with live fish) is that the fish are relatively dry and make a noticably smaller mess on the cutting board/newspaper.

I keep my fish alive til I quit for the day so I can release those"what was I thinking" fish that seem to find their way into my bucket early in the day. It only takes a couple of inches of water to do this and the fish are fiesty going into the shopping bags.

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I always try to clean them when I get home as well but as long as they are packed in ice, they will last a couple days. I'm not saying that this should be the norm but if it happens, pack em in ice and don't let them go to waste.
BTW, my experience is with Perch, some cold water species might not fare as well. I've had Steelhead meat change color rather quickly before when the fish was left in the livewell for awhile during the summer. Still seemed to taste OK but I did notice some loss of color in the meat.
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