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Ice Up there Yet?

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Hey Fellas - Is there Ice any where up there yet? I was in Wisconsin for two days this week and we were on 5+ inches, Just wondering if there is any where near that in Michigan and how people are doing? I am coming up this saturday (from Chicago) to celebrate Christmas with the Family and wondering if I should take the tip-ups along or not?

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Depends what part of Michigan your heading for. Southern half, the ice could be shakey. Some lakes are frozen, some not. The northern half of the state you'd be pretty safe on the shallow lakes I'd bet.

Let us Know your destination and I'd bet people would be happy to help you out.
I'm Sorry - I should have mentioned that my Destination will be Grand Haven Michigan (just a little north of Holland).

I am willing to drive a little ways if I have to in order to find Ice.
Sorry to say :( no safe ice here in town .... I'm heading up to our cabin in Baldwin next weekend hoppig to find some good ice ??? I was there last weekend and the ice was about 3/4 to 1'' thick ... not enought to walk very far ..... If the weather stays cold we could possibly have some good ice in GH next week ???
i live in Baldwin! sorry nothing here yet and it's not lookin good! Rain two days ago knocked out what little ice we had and now the snow from yesterday and today is not helping it. We need 2 or 3 very cold nights before we freeze back up. keep in touch surfman
Sounds to me like you need to go to Houghton lake to find ice. I Haven't heard of much ice south of that so far. Maybe some back bays or canals on other lakes might have some.
anybody heard much about lakes cadillac and mitchell? they usually freeze up pretty quick. just wondering how they were after the rain a couple days ago.
Last time I talked to my uncle that lives in Cadillac. both lakes have good ice on them, not sure how much though. there's been a couple guys out fishing. I think most are still trying to fill there deer tags. Probley be alot more people out starting this weekend. I'm hoping to be one of them sunday evening,
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