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Ice Saws

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This looks interesting. Anyone know how well they really work?

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They must work because thats how they got ice blocks for "ice boxes" before refridgerators. No I'm not that old, just know it from history.
Was that you i saw in that Black and photo in the Reminse Magazine Walleye Mike?:D
100 bones!?!?! I got a "real" one on ebay last year for $44...even still had Mike's initials in the handle LOL..
they do work and quite well. after watching a guy saw 4 holes with it, i went to the store he bought it at and yep, $100 bucks. so i made my own. the only problem is, i have yet to be able to put the correct edge on the tips to get it to cut properly. am still investigating it.
Thanks. The price is too steep for me too.
Ya, for a hundred bucks, there's gotta be some other form of "power" behind it,,, besides ME!!:rolleyes:
24" Stihl works just fine.
As i was reading it that energetic voice starting going through my head................You know the on on the infomercials.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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