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Ice Rescue?

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Sorry guys, this may be the wrong place to ask this question. But did anyone see were there was an ice rescue yesterday? Just wanted to know before Igo out again this week. Thanks.
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there was one in lake erie in ohio waters, i believe it was like 14 snowmobilers. then i guess i don't know if it was yesterday, but off of mitchell's bay, i guess a groups ATV broke down and they got rescued (thats what i hear anyways).

I "heard" that the guys that got rescued in Mitchells Bay, departed from SANG!!!! LMAO!! Do you believe that??? That's what I "heard" anyway.
Mitchels bay, is what the news said, I watched the news and saw the report.

If I am not mistaken there was an East wind they had to break loose at Mitchels Bay.

Don't see how they could have floated from SANG, the news did not mention SANG.

Tin Can
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No, thats not what I meant,,,, I heard that they left from SANG on their ATV and drove across to Mitchells Bay,, I didn't hear anything about the ice bustin' loose,,, I heard the ATV broke down and when they got off the ice,, some one said,, " OK, your all set,, now where's you're truck?" And the guy says, Selfridge,:rolleyes:
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ATV traveling from SANG to Mitchell's???? I can't believe that for several reasons. Is there anybody that stupid, crazy, brave, fill in your own adjective. I know from launching at Crocker, then motoring to the Bassett is a 15 mile jaunt, one way. SANG to Mitchell's would have to be in the neighborhood of 20 - 25 miles. Secondly, I saw freighter traffic, 5 in a 2 hour span, a week ago. Even if they stopped running the ships, how much ice could there be in 35 feet of water?
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I watched the news and heard the reports on both rescues.

There were 14 guys adrift near the Catawba Islands, they had a gps and a cell phone and were able to tell exactly where they were, they were picked up and taken to Sandusky, OH.

The second report had one of the guys from the coast guard tell about the Mitchell's Bay incident, He stated that,
There were two guys out fishing and their atv broke down, they called to get help from Canada, and they called the US Coast Guard to send a chopper out.
They landed the chopper on the ice and picked up the two guys. Nothing was said about where they went out from, nothing about the ice breaking loose, only mention was the atv broke down.
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When I was out at Genos the 25th. I saw freighters moving through the lake.
It was as simple as they took there atv out of Canada drove way way far out and couldn't get the atv started. They were out to far to walk in. I'm sure if Selfridge CG pikced them up, They were prob. Americans in Canadian water.
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