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ice is still good at simcoe

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we fished last tues,wed,thur,fri on simcoe. they were still driving trucks on it. where we fished on cooks bay there was a good 20 to 24 inches of ice. the fish were biting good too. might try to go back on the 22nd and 23rd we came back with 185 nice perch.
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Hey Homeslice,

How was the mobility on the lake??

Can you get around with a 4WD quad??
yeah it was great. nice smooth ice. we had a little snow when we left but it didnt effect mobility. im going back monday and tues if things go right.
Homeslice; Questions, Where do you stay? How much does it cost for a night there? Do you go out with a hut sevice? Cook's Bay? Brother-in-law has been trying to get me to go all winter. I have been boycotting Canada for a while and told him if he would go down to LSC with me and we didn't do all that good I would go with him to Simcoe. We went over and got our fishing Licsons already because we tried for perch at Crossdyke and will again. I'm thinking on going because I didn't do good here in Mich. this year. We went in 2000 and had a ball. Just looking for all the imfo. that I can get on where other people go. With the cold weather that we are getting there should be good ice over there for a while. Thanks for all the imfo. that you can give us.
i stay at the inn on the lake. it costs about $70 canadian a night but its right on cooks bay. i dont have the number right here but i will get it and post later. do you have a quad or snowmobile? I dont use the hut operators but i hear ****** from lake simcoe adventures is awesome.http://www.simcoefishingadventures.com/http://www.simcoefishingadventures.com/ once you get to newmarket buy a map at a gas station they are a big help for navigating around the lake. we are going back for the last trip on monday and tues. let me know if you need anymore info. i will try to help you out the best i can.
Thanks for the imfo and PM homeslice. Is that $70 a night for each person or the room? Yes I have a 4 wheeler. Can't go Mon., bowling. Let us know how you do Mon and Tues. and if you can, post some pictures of the fish while you are on the lake. Good luck. I'm going over to b-n-laws now to tell him about Simco and also take some pictures of his Lund that he is going to sell.
some places charge for extra people and some dont. its usually anywhere from 5 to 20 extra per person. we reserved a room with three beds/tv/micro/coffee maker etc for $89 canadian. thats about $70 US. they had one for 109 with three seprate bedrooms/kitchen etc. with an upstairs
hey the fishing must be still good out there because my dad and a few buddies were up there sunday monday and fished 3 hours and all had there limits. They were fishing off of sibbald point and in between Georgina island and Thorah island. Hopefully this luck will continue till ice out.
ice is still good
if your gonna go better be soon. caught over 250 and kept 150 or so between three guys. not the best bite but it was fun.wish i could go again:(
I copied this from a Simcoe fishing report

Perch report and warning
Posted on March 29, 2004 at 10:29:49 PM by Vanselena

Well I was out perch fishing today. Started at Roaches and the fishing was slow there, mostly dinks caught. Went to the hump and fished about 200 yards east of my last hump waypoint posted. The bite was constant with half dinks and half keepers, we fished there for 3 hours and had 150 keepers between 4 of us.

The ice has deteriated to the point it is now unsafe to be there, when we were there the ice was all crystals. I took my boot and rubbed back and forth and was able to go through 14 inches of ice and make a hole by rubbing. about 2 inches into rubbing there was water already in the hole. It only took me 5 minutes to make a hole with my boot...Do not fish on the lake the ice is unsafe...

Anyone going on the lake tomorrow with the rain is asking for a death wish as the rain will melt what is holding the crystals together. Some spots we walked on our boots sunk 4 inches as we were leaving the ice. We tied ropes to eachother. This ice is no joke, one of our old boys has been ice fishing for over 60 years and he said he had never seen the ice deteriate so fast in one day. Yes I was nervous going off but with us tied together with ropes it was a little safer.
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