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Ice in Lapeer area

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Today I checked out Lake Nepessing. I saw one brave soul out in front of Pelican's about a 100 yards. The ice near the shore was between 2 1/2 to 3 inches thick. I'm going to give it a try tomorrow and see how it goes. Taking my spud and something to pull myself out just in case! :)
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Post a report if you go.

I'm planning on going somewhere on Sunday morning. Not sure where as of yet. My brother drove by Long Lake this morning and the gates were still locked. That should open up anytime now.

Too early to hit any of the big water. Might take a drive up to Sebewing and fish the marina. Like I said, not sure where I'm going. Maybe to Nepessing depending on your report.

Good luck and Be SAFE!!
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Sebewaing has been producing smaller perch and a few keepers, you have to sort them. I have fished nepessing in the summer for bass but never through the ice. What is the main gamefish in the winter?

i have not fished nepessing in a year or so. last time i was out on hard ice there i was able to catch a few walleye out in front of the pelican. always caught lots of dinks and a few nice crappie. hope the ice is safe for this weekend. would love to make it back out there.
I also checked out long lake today, and yes the gates were still locked. Think I'll stop by the DNR HQ tomorrow and ask them when they plan to open it.

On another note, I've done pretty good on panfish in the summer. I made sure to make the spots on my GPS. :) Hopefully those spots will still hold fish in the winter.
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I fished some gravel pits in our general area and fished today on 3.5'' of hard ice. Its out there, just gotta hunt for the safe stuff for the first few days here.
Went to Lake Nepessing again this afternoon. I drilled a hole by the public access and the ice was about 4 inches thick a few feet offshore. I also went down to pelican's and walked to a couple guys fishing a hundred yards or so out. They said the ice was only about 2 inches thick where they were. The ice never made any cracking sounds under me but it's still a little too thin for my liking. I'm going out to scout some smaller lake this afternoon.
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Just called the DNR office to inquire when they would open Long Lake and he said as soon as there is enough ice to walk on. He said it just froze over yesterday and the ice wasn't thick enough yet. Probably next week if it stays cold.
Thanks for the info E Man.
E Man, is that the same Long lake that used to only open for a couple days during the summer to the public? It sounds familair to me since I did fish it during the times it was only open for a few days.
Thanks ih. I may have to head back over there and check things out. Just have to remeber how I got there.
Let me know if you need directions....
Anyone have a Ice Report for Davison Lake down by Big Fish Lake?
ih, let me know when you plan on heading out there, if I am off work I would like to meet up with you. I would love to see what my Vexilar would show.
has anyone ever done any good at davison lake? we used to do pretty good out there for panfish but i have never caught any pike out there. i assume there is more than just gills and perch in there.
tough fishin out at davison through the ice......stained water.....do a search on the lake name, last year me and another dude had some posts about it,
Originally posted by ih772
On another note, I've done pretty good on panfish in the summer. I made sure to make the spots on my GPS. :) Hopefully those spots will still hold fish in the winter.
Unless it's already pretty deep, I'd fish the first drop off from that spot. They shouldn't move far but they'll move to 10-15 feet of water during the winter.:)
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i live just north of there. i wonder if chum might work. perhaps a few days ahead of time? the ole' aquaview might not work so great then if the water is cloudy.
I was fishing in 20 fow and the deepest the lake gets is 25 fow. That's why I'm hoping they will still be in the area. :)

Tubejig, I'll let you know when I plan on heading over there. We can try and plan something.
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