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Ice fishing muniscong bay (sp)??

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Can anyone tell me about the fishing that way? Talked to a fellow said around the sue area some good fishing should be happening soon. Would like to find any marinas close by and maybe even rent a cabin for the weekend. My three year old grandson is chomping at the bit to go icefishing:cool: . Thanks and happy new year to all.......marty:D
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From what I here the first ice Walleye action is top rate there. I went up for a weekend at the end of Feb. last year and they said I missed the big bite by a few weeks.

Go to Sault St Marie Chamber of commerce web site. You should be able to find cabins to rent in the Monuscong Bay area.

Good luck
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I here they get some very large perch on late ice.
Give Dan's Cabins a call in Pickford. They are right on the bay and rent cabins. They also have a bait shop and will be more than glad to help you out. The only thing about Munuscong is it is alot bigger body of water than most think, you almost need a sled or 4-wheeler to get out there.
I have not been out yet. I tend to wait till I can get out to deeper water and I am sure the river current has not made good ice yet. I was talking to a bud yesterday and we were thinking about going tonight. If we do I will post and let you know how we did and ice conditions. Good luck...;)
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i was out there day before christmas 6" of ice not much water only about 3' deep but the fishing is hit and miss i missed but heard they were catching perch and walleye almost everyday just some day's are better than others. headed back this week maybe i'll be the one to find the jumbos.
I was there the first of the year we only stayed out for 3 hours. Caught 2 perch lots of people and bait is expensive (2 dollers a dozen) Ice was about 8 or nine inches in about 3 and a half foot of water.
3 bucks a dozen almost everywhere on Lake St. Clair...:(
I pay 1 doller and get about 3-4 dozen. Are there some minnow shortages?
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