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Ice Conditions at Harsen's Island?

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Anyone seen how the ice is coming down there? Thanks...
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Went to the old boys house yesterday, and the river is free and clear. Is the Rawhide wet yet (man would that be early)?

Are you planning on fishing downriver this year? We have a tourney on the 17th of April- (might be the 24th) you interested?

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Good deal, thanks for the update. We're storing her at Sunset Marine this year. Going to give it at least one more week, probably two before dropping in. I'd like to fish that tourney, but I have to leave town for a wedding that weekend. When are you guys planning on getting started?

The boat is basically ready- a little more bottom paint touch ups and we are in.... I little problem though, there is about 5 boats in front of us that will need to get out of our way (and not to mention the ice still in the harbor).

There isn't a web site for the tourney, but I will make some phone calls and get some specifics.

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Gee Jeff,

Just five boats... five boats should be no problem. Don't they know who you are? Just put your uniforms on and tell them you're the BWC Winner...they'll move:D :D .

PS: Kip made me write this............
Oh, did I forget to mention how the price of logo designs just went up 4000%?

And Kip- have you been working on your boat:D ?
Originally posted by Fletch09
When are you guys planning on getting started?
I was going to fish after work today, but I think I am going to hold off. Saturday looks like it should be nice in the long range forecast, but that can change by then.
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