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Ice and this weather

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Hey guys,

The weather is going to heat up to the mid 30s consistently and even up to the low 40s over the next 10 days and I was wondering how that is going to affect the ice in the Grosse Pointe harbors. I havent been out since the 2 "hot" days we had, so I dont know how much ice we lost, but i had 8-10 inches before that thaw. Whats the ice looking like now? Anyone expect it to thin out at all? Thanks in advance!
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Places I fished this last week lost nothing and all the rain water on top is now frozen solid
I checked a spot yesterday that is known for having current and it's still had 10 in
Spud a hole from a dock if you're unsure of ice thickness.
He will be the only one fishing from a dock that's for sure lol.
Ya never know, I've caught some absolute slobs in 12"s of water
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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