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I think I set a new record.

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Maybe I'm wrong but I think that I just set a new deer hunting record. I'm claiming that I am the only one in the state of Michigan to legally shot a deer in every single month of the deer season. First of all one has to be under 17 and be succesful in the youth hunt, then they must get one with a bow in oct., then they will have to be succesful in nov. and december. Finally if this hasen't narrowed it down enough. They must go out Jan. 1st the only day in jan. open for deer. and be successful. Now I'm not bragging I just thought this was kind of a cool thing and don't think anybody has done it on free range deer considering the youth hunt just started like 4 years ago. This would not include crop damage permits either, because that is not a legitimate season.
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I think that Jan 1 is probably the date to be the most proud of. We had a great morning this year for it but the only thing I saw was some drunks stuck in our corn stubble who thought it would be fun to turn some laps with a passenger car. Morons.

Don't forget that there used to be the late firearm doe season. I think went into January.

I would hesitate to call the crop damage stuff illegitimate but whatever. I don't know the dates of the early firearm doe season is now either.

Congrats, but I wouldn't place the call to Guiness just yet...
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Congrats thenuge15

Did you do it all in 2003 or has it been over a few years span?

How about a recap story of all those hunts?
Youth hunt = legitimete season?........I'm not so sure;)

Sounds like you had fun though.
5 deer in one season is a great accomplishment.......
You guys will be eating good for a long time.........

So what was the count

5 Doe
4 Doe and a Buck
3 Doe and 2 Bucks

Give us the stats..............
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Well it all happened in 2003 except the one on Jan.1 because that is 2004. Robow, very funny but what I meant was that crop damage is not in the hunting guide and the youth hunt is. This is my third year hunting and coming into this season I had got three deer with my gun. This year I was able to get my first bowkill, my second bowkill, my first ML kill, and two with my shotgun. I got a little nine point during the youth hunt and a big six point during october with my bow. So the rest of the year I just used up my three antlerless tags, and I shot one opening day, one late archery, and the last with a ML on Jan.1. Here is a pic of my first bowkill, he is at the taxidermist right now.

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Congratulations on a great season!
It sounds like you have the deerhunting bug.:)
You're an inspiration to us all. Thanks from sharing your good fortune.
congrats on the great season. thanks also for illustrating my point on the stupid youth season. the so-called purpose is to introduce young sportsman to the sport of deer hunting without all of the "noise" that accompanies the traditional seasons. sounds to me like you've been introduced and then some...my opinion (and everyone has them) is that given your hunting skill and ample opportunity to hunt the traditional seasons, you have outgrown the the youth season. not picking on you, i wish they had the youth hunt when i was 15 maybe i would have started deer hunting before i was 21...again congrats and happy eatin'.
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Good job, Nuge, you should be proud. Getting a deer in every month when the season is open, not necessarily in the same year, is also one of my goals. I'm well past any September youth-hunt opportunity. October, November, December - no problem. January is tough since you only get a day or two. I was out there again this year and had a great time but saw no deer. State land can be tough with all the pressure during Sept through mid-December. Maybe next January!

John E.
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Wow, now that's an accomplishement! Congratulations on all your deer.
That is a sweet 6-point. Did you have it aged? What are the specs on the rack (spread, tine length). You should have it scored. I love the look of big six-points.

Congrats on a great season!!!! That's one you can be proud of for a lot of years.
Hey I just got my mount back yesterday, It looks awesome. Here is a pic. It had a 15" outside spread. I don't now what it would score and I'm not taking it down to measure.

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