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I need a few good men!

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I was asked again this year to set up and find man power for the PBS booth at the Traditional Expo in Kalamazoo.

I will bring the booth with me on Friday afternoon and can man it until close that evening. I plan to be at the Expo all day Saturday and need a volunteer or two so I can grab lunch, take a can break or two during the day, and make a lap or two around to see if there's anything I can't live without! I will again be at the Expo Sunday and could use a couple of breaks during the day.

If you are a member of PBS and would like to help me during the Expo, please let me know when you would be available and I will gladly put you on a schedule.


God bless, Arch.
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Arch, I am an associate member of the PBS and if I could help out for a little bit I would gladly do so. I will know in a day or so if I will for sure be there on Saturday since I have to bid on the day off of work.:)
I'm also an associate, and will be down there all day on that Saturday. I'd be happy to help out any way I can...just grab me if you need me :) ---Don
Thanks for the offers of help. I really appreciate it.

More room for other volunteers...

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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