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I.m fishin in the rain . Catchin jumbos in the rain .Hap Hap Happy again

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Toll a little stroll in the drizzle and it sure paid off today . Caught a limit of nice fish with a hand full of jumbo's in the mix. Watching an old Joe Balog video helped out . He was talking about using a #3 Jigging Rapala for big fish . I was sight fishing in 5 FOW and pulling the rap away from too many fish to count. The big fish would slam it after i pulled it back from the 6-7 inch fish. I saw a few that were between 10 and 13 inches and one that was huge. There were plenty of shad too. The perch would come through right during the shad run. It was crazy, especially after 4 p.m.
Best day in quite a while Tree Wood Twig Snow Freezing

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If it wasn't for my frabill flip , I-4 suit, and heat , i might not have stayed .
40 Degrees was still plenty cold with wet hands all day.
I stared down the hole so long , I could barely get up.
Well worth it. I dream of days like this.
"Shanty Back" can get ya good sometimes!!!!!
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