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I hear all you guys talking about ice fishing

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There are alot of lakes in chelsea that are good lakes.

Just an Fwiw.
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I forget the name of it but it is electric only during the summer.
It's just west of town.

There is four mile which is usually pretty good.

A bunch more but it has been years since I was really fishing out there.
For smaller fish.

No this one is kinda hard to find but you turn left off 52 right at the little river park they have there in town and head west and it down there about 5 miles or so down a gravel road.

If no one thinks of it I look it up.

It's a good lake and really shallow in most parts so the fish will be concentrated.

Oh hey there is a lake behind pikeral lk that is good to but it's hard to get to in the summer time. You gotta go through a canal to get to it. Just walk the edge around pikeral lk that lake is over 100 feet deep:eek:
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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