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I can't be the only one.

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I have one of those high octane setters thats bouncing of the walls due to the weather. Now that he has got over playing in all of the new snow again. Usually he will just go out and lay under the deck waiting to point a squirrel or tweety bird but I shoveled all the snow off the deck and he can't get under it. Plus with the wind and cold no squirrels so he just bark at the pigeon coop(drives me and all the neighbors dogs crazy). I guess I going have just suffer and take him out to the bird field and let him run. With the snow depths we have now shouldn't take long to run run off all the pended up anxiety.
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I know exactily what you mean. Every time my lab sees me put my boots on he goes nuts and grabbs his football. Even if I'm only going out to check the mail, I'll usually appease him. With the snow depths approaching the 2' mark, it doesn't take too long to wear him out (thank God, It's cold out there).

I'd take him out after some birds, but with this knd of snow on the ground I fear I wouldn't last half as long as he would (high-steppin' it all the way).:) Good luck!

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Yesterday morning my beagle spent a hour running from room to room looking out the windows and whineing at a red squirrel in the yard. Took him out later and he jumped in a drift, all I could see was his tail sticking up.
My boys are staring to get that Jack Torrance look like from the Shining. REDRUM.........

To make matters worse, I have been traveling quite a bit so the wife has been left with taking care of the dogs and she doesn't like the cold as much and won't spend the time with them outside. I am planning on spending as much time with them this weekend.

Go Patriots.
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My new dog Kimber is the only bird dog I keep in the house full time but she seems to think the chair is a diving board she gets on it and gets it rocken then tries to make it to the couch never makes it yet but she tries, then about noon she knows its time to let the other dogs in and goes to the sliding door and cries till I get up and let the other dogs in thats when all hell breaks loose 2 almost full grown GSPs 1, 14 week old GSP and a britt I am training for a guy room to room to room.

yesterday that britt was chasing the GSP puppy and she ran under the bed that britt hit the bed so hard( because he couldnt fit under it) I was for sure that britt would look like a pug when he finaly got him self together but he didn't LOL
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I have a 10 month old GSP that hasn't been out for a run in the big field in a couple of weeks. She has an ample store of energy that is bubbling out in lots of interesting ways. Time to blow of some steam...
We are headed out to break a trail at the preserve on Saturday. I'm sure the hunting will be less than ideal but the primary purpose is a constructive, hopefully instructive, energy release.
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My Lab is staring at me right now. Every morning I get one cup coffee and he knows not to bug me, but the minute i'm finished and twitch a muscle he's banging his head on the door to play in the white stuff. Then I have to layer down and out we go. Thank God it's not snowing because the new favorite thing is to get nailed in the face with the snow stream coming out of the snow blower. The things that dogs take a liking to.:rolleyes:
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It is funny you mention that your lab likes to get in the stream of snow from the snow blower....

I have shoveled off the back deck for my girlfriend a couple times... in some spots the deck is 6 to 7 feet off the ground in the back yard... and PJ (see avatar) will run around down below and try to catch every bit of snow that you shovel off the deck. Shovelful after shovelful... he stands down there looking up and saying... "do it again... do it again" :D

Like you said...
The things that dogs take a liking to. :rolleyes:
Oh... and talk about having fun with a snowball or two... :D
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I was enjoying watching my Akita drag the kids around the back yard by their hoods untill the wife caught me.:eek:
Hey, I thought that was why they were called "play coats".:p

We have a pet door installed; they come and go as they please....

If you look out our back door, it looks like a motocross track in the backyard; loop-de-loops around all three pines, a path along all three fencelines, a path to the back of the garage where the chipmunks like to hide, a couple of paths going under the deck...a little snow isn't about to slow these girls down!
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My dog is going crazy too and I've been working so much I haven't even been able to play with him indoors.
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