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I can't wait to hit the Huon this year. I went down to Delhi yesterday just to check out river near the rapids. Really beautiful down there this time of year. I wish I would have taken a camera. Can't wait for the ice to melt.
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Can not agree with you more there Bud. I just hear the fish singing to me and those rapids with all of that pocket water. Soon, very soon lines will be in the water.
Im definately trying Wixom this year. Is anything going on at Flatrock yet?
im looking forward to the wixom stockerfest again soon. lots of fun to be had there! cant wait. :D
Flat Rock is reduced to a trickle over the foot bridge...Very low...
When do bass usually start hitting on the middle Huron anyways. I'm thinking late April but not sure.
Ok Thanks Conner. Is the pond between the bridge and the big dam frozen solid yet? I always wanted to ice fish that.
Don't think you will (should) be on the water till the summer. Recall that there is a bass season; starts 3rd Sat. in June.
Who wants bass this time of year? Theres lots more than bass in there.
I would think the backwater in the back of the park would be loaded with big gills and crappies...Just a hunch after reading a few different articles on ice fishing backwaters...:)
Could be :rolleyes: or maybe not or maybe a toothy critter or maybe not .... I cant remember now:D
Can't wait for Stockerfest, under 1 1/2 months away. I am really wanting to get out, and the Huron is the only close option for me. When is bass season? I am so wrapped up with the trout that I have forgotten what the seasonal closures are for bass. I am going to look it up.
Yea Doodle, you're right. No bass till June. I'm just getting so pumped up to fish them that I forget about that whole season thing. Ha! I'm going to have to start ice fishing or something to tide me over the winter months.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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