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Hunting dog question

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Hello new to this forum and was wondering if anyone knows where I came get some tame rabbits. Need some tame rabbits to help train hank, my beagle/blue tick mix. From googling it it sound like I should get San Juan rabbits or giant Flemish. Anyone know where I can buy some I've tried Craigslist they just have lop bunnies. Also any advice on what kind of tame rabbit I should get or any tips or pointers would be great. Thanks


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Great looking pup. I love the coloring. I wonder how big he will get.

It is great to here that you started training when you first got your pup. So many wait to long so it becomes a real chore to get bad habits broken. Do not forget to get him chipped and keep a return address on his collar. He is born to hunt and run so if he gets lose that is what he is going to do, he is going hunting. You sure do not want to lose him if he does escape to do his thing.
I felt sorry for my GSP when pheasant hunting hit the skids. I started doing a lot of trapping wearing my brown duck hunting clothes. She would set dejected when I went out the door dressed like we were going hunting.

When I stopped to see a friend that I **** hunted with old Bones his hound would be calm and collected when I walked into the house. If I howled he would go nutz thinking we were going hunting.
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