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Hunting dog question

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Hello new to this forum and was wondering if anyone knows where I came get some tame rabbits. Need some tame rabbits to help train hank, my beagle/blue tick mix. From googling it it sound like I should get San Juan rabbits or giant Flemish. Anyone know where I can buy some I've tried Craigslist they just have lop bunnies. Also any advice on what kind of tame rabbit I should get or any tips or pointers would be great. Thanks


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You can buy primered hulls. We use them all the time for retriever training. Just don't buy the ones called poppers unless your dog is conditioned already. Those are loud and used in field trials and hundreds of yards away.
I trainer I worked with had a cheap alternative to a cap pistol. He took empty shotgun hulls and knocked the primer out of them and put just a new primer in them. If you have a reloader or know someone who does that is a much cheaper alternative than buying a pistol and buying blamks....a package of 100 primers is cheap and you already own the shotgun. He also felt using a long gun around the dog was beneficial to get him used to seeing it as well as hearing it while the dog was having fun training.
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