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Sounds like you got a great pup and a great start, congrats. If I had one piece of advice to add to what's been said already, it would be to take great care to make sure your little guy doesn't end up gun shy. While a lot of hunting dogs shrug off the sound, why take a chance?

My technique (and I'm sure there are others equally effective) has been to first use a cap gun (do they still sell cap guns?). I'd give my dog her dinner, stand a room or two away, and fire the cap gun while she was wolfing it down. You can move gradually closer if the pup shows no reaction. The idea is to have your pup associate that sharp crack with a pleasurable experience.

Starting out in the field, I had a buddy carry a .22 pistol and walk a ways behind me, then fire when we made game. I only used this with bird dogs, but I'm guessing it would work with running bunnies just as well. By the time you're ready for real hunting, your pup will be used to the noise and associate it with field time.

This might seem like a lot of fooling around, but trust me, it's an insurance policy you definitely want to take out. I didn't with my first lab and wound up with a great companion but a worthless hunter. And in my experience, once the damage is done it can't be undone.
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