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Hunt near Hale

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Was anyone from here hunting in the Hale/whittemore area on Sunday? The reason I ask is there was an interesting cat shot there Sunday at about 11:30. Should be interesting if the Dnr lets its picture be published. I am not starting any rumor, but I will never be without a camera again after seeing this, I could have ended a lot of speculation with a picture, but its up to the 2 guys that had it.
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I am not starting any rumor
What is it that you seen that nobody else is talking about?:)
If you are talking about a cougar, I doubt that you'll see it's picture on this site considering that shooting one is illegal.
Thats my point, some schmuck just south of town had a dead one in his truck, but wouldnt say if it was wild or a captive one. It was absolutely a cougar, but after showing it, he didnt know what to do with it. There were several that saw it, so its not a silly rumor, but now what's he to do with it?
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Boehr - Maybe you can get one of your colleagues in that area to check this out for us or will the DNR automatically say that it was a captive cougar.
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