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Emailed to HR,

If you previously cared about saving Humbug Marsh and you live in the Detroit River, Rouge River, Huron River, River Rasin, or Ecourse Creek Watersheds this one is for you .

A significant wetland adjacent to Humbug Marsh Area is threatened with development. This is the same community that allowed County Wide Landfill, Grand Saqua Trailer Park, and other projects to come in and the Humbug Marsh controversy.

The hearing is to be held at the Gibraltar Community Center, 29340 S. Gibraltar Road, Gibraltar, MI this Thursday at 7 pm.

This hearing will allow concerned citizens to make comments regarding a wetland application for a development that could impact the riparian corridor, wetland, and floodplain that surrounds the Brownstown and Marsh Creek that flow through the proposed development.

Application for Permit 05-82-0172-P under Part 301
"Applicant proposes to excavate, place fill and utilities in wetlands, and construct stormwater detention basin for the purpose of developing the site into an integrated residential community with single-family homes and attached condominiums. The project site is east of the intersection of Fort Street and Gibraltar Road. The proposed wetland excavation for roads, lots and infrastructure will remove approximately 534.49 cubic yards of material from 38,545.9 square feet or 0.88 acres of wetlands. The proposed wetland fill will use 7975.14 cubic yards of material and impact an area of 123,316 square feet or 2.83 acres. Utilities include 12 inch diameter storm sewer and watermmain and 10 inch diameter sanitary sewer line placed below the wetlands. Two proposed stormwater detention ponds will outlet to the adjacent wetlands through 8 inch diameter pipes. Compensatory mitigation is proposed. The project is located in T4S, R10E, Section 35, City of Gibraltar, Wayne County, Michigan.

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I did some research and found this link for you to make comments direct from your home computer. Come on guys I can't make it any easier for you to protect your wildlife habitat. Give 15-minutes and help protect your wetlands.

Public Notices and Hearings
File Number: 05-82-0172-P
Applicant: Gibraltar Land Company
Wayne County - Wetland/Brownstown creek
Public Notice Date: 10/11/2005 - Comment Period: 10/11/2005 to 10/31/2005
Public Hearing Date: 12/15/2005 - Comment Period: 12/15/2005 to 12/25/2005

Coastal and Inland Waters Permit Information System
File No: 05-82-0172-P Status: Public Hearing Scheduled
Name: Gibraltar Land Company County: Wayne
Address: 1491 West Jefferson Twn/Rng/Sec: 04S/10E/35
Trenton, MI 48183 Government: City of Gibraltar
Waterbody: Wetland/Brownstown creek Lot:
ProjectName: GLC Gibraltar Shores Tax ID:

Activity: Subdivision MiTAPS:
Activity: Condominiums
Activity: Discharge Structure
Parts: 301 325 303 31 315 323 353 Sec404

Type: Public Notice Field: Andrew J. Hartz
Renewal: Entry: John Gustafson

Date Received: 9/6/2005 Date Final Action:
Date Sent to Field: 10/11/2005 Date Permit Expires:
Date Extended: Date Revised:
Date Site Inspection: Date Public Notice: 10/11/2005
Date Public Hearing: 12/15/2005 Date CR Mailed: 09/13/2005

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A person does not have to hail from the general area of HAMBURG....anyone..from MICHIGAN...OHIO....CANADA ( ONTARIO ) who has enjoyed the benefits of the "marshlands" and realizes the "importance of" and the "impact upon" this valuable resource should respond to the encroachment of development on or near wetlands. ONCE DEVELOPED/LOST FOREVER.

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