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Had to jump in and give a report on Hubbard. We had lots of snow on the ice along with a few slush spots that made traveling with a quad pretty rough. If you have chains you can go but not real easy. Snowmobiles are the machine of choice. Bolo and Ed made several trips out to 45 ft of water off the south dnr launch with people and equipment so we could fish. The Argo was a work horse for sure. We didn't catch any fish (ME) but still had a heck of a lot of fun. Nice to put more faces with names and visit with everyone. The 6800 shanty from DZ worked well for my nephew Jason and I. Very enjoyable. Will do it again next year. The cook out thanks to Bolo and Ed turned out great as it did last year. Really thank both of you. Best burgers I have ever eaten. Doesn't everything taste better cooked out? Especially on the ice? It was just great. I think next year I am going to put a chain from my trailer to Chaser's front bumper so I don't loose him next year. A big thank you to East Bay Ed and Bolo! The get to gether on the Saginaw Bay doesn't look good unless we get a real weather change or something due to the slush spots and getting people out. If something for the good changes and it might I will post it as I really want to have one down here as well. I know someone in the group go buy me an Argo set up like the Bolo has.... Skeeter
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I would also like to thank Ed and Bolo for all their help getting out on Hubbard (nice ARGO). The lunch was great too! My hat goes off to you two for all the hard work you did trying to make it an enjoyable time for us. Nice meeting the rest of you guys. Maybe next year conditions will be better and we can catch some darn fish!
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Just wondering, did the ARGO have tracks on it.
If not, how did it handle the snow and slush?
I thought about one of these, but the ground clearance isn't any better than a 4 wheel drive quad, and figured they would have just as much trouble in deep snow or slush.
yes the argo has tracks on it. without them in heavy snow it is worse then a atv. it rides ontop of the snow and you loose all traction. but with the tracks it takes a lot to stop it.
it would be nice if someone could come out with a set of rubber tracks as opposed to the plastic ones. plastic on ice just spins.
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Asphalt Dave, You ought to go to Birch Run this weekend for that hunting show, Argo World is going to be debuting the ne 8X8 Avenger. It is a new design and is supposed to be sweet. I am going to check it out Friday evening. We have the standard tracks on ours, the supertracks are about 5" wider and do even better in deeper snow and you can get studs for them. You can get them with the bigger tires to get more ground clearance if you want.
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Thanks for the reply Guys.
I have e-mailed the company for some info.
I have a feeling the new 8 wheel buggies are going to be kinda pricey.
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