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Hubbard Report - Kid's Killed'em

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Put the kids to work on Saturday - I borrowed one from a buddy (my daughter had enough after 20 min. on Friday). 4 adults and 6 kids hooked up 22 walleye. The smallest was 16" the biggest was a 22.5" sow. My trustee took a 19.5 (his first fish on the ice:D and then a 16" You'd think someone would have though to have a camera:( Everything came shallow - 12 fow and less, on tip ups. Great day on Hubbard!

Ice/Snow conditions: In the morning I ran the 3 miles from the west side to the south end on a 2x4 atv with no problem - snow packed up nicely. There were a couple of slush spots that slowed me up at the southend. On the way back - after a day in the mid-40s, a bit more slush. Had to get off and push 3 times, but still not too bad. Ice was still a good 14 - 16" everywhere I drilled.
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Fishfoote - Sounds like you had a great time and greater day, way to go.

Hmmmmmmmmm ...... I've never fished Hubbard ..... maybe you'll have to show me where to fish there too.;)
congrat's on the fish and getting a youngster on his first eye through the ice. shallow water was the big key this weekend for eyes.
the folks in the bay seen a lot of nicer perch just couldn't make them bite.
by next weekend the lake should be great for getting around. i was out last night and a lot of the lake has maybe 3" or so of soft snow then good ice. thursday they are calling for a high of 33 degrees that should harden any slush areas up and it will be easy to get around again.
only took all season.
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I'm sittin in the library at school listening to the rain come down and its 45 degrees out. Just wondering what its like up there. Spring break next week and if there isnt any ice i'm going to go crazy. Might have to bring out the .222 and try for a coyote...By the way. LLWC pike derby didnt go so hot either. 5 hours of fishing. 4 flags. Struck out :( Hopefully it'll freeze up a lil bit before next week.

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jon, i wondered how that went.

we are expecting cold nights and days in the mid 30's for the weekend.

i ran out in east bay last night for 1/2 hour and seen some really nice perch swim through my hole as i was getting set up. i missed about 4 on a hali jig, then nothing. i think i need to close the shop a hour earlier.
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Two questions:

Where you fishing in the East Bay?

And am i gunna be able to make it out there come this sunday or saturday?

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jon, i just camme off the ice today and it was not bad at all. the only spot i had any trouble with was at the boat ramp.
i was just out infront of the boat ramp in about 8' of water.
Ed - is the ice starting to pull away from the shore?? Do you have any of the GPS maps left? I meant to get one last weekend, but forgot. Still planning on coming up this weekend.
Hey i ment to ask you if you got out to the LLWC Pike Derby last weekend. I never did make it out to Hubbard but i sure wanted to.

No, stayed on Hubbard and fish with friends there. Planning on coming up again Friday night. People I fished with last Saturday said the fish shut down completely on Sunday, hopefully they'll be good and hungry again this weekend.
after hearing what it cost some of the guys you fished with friday to get fish i will stay away. i think criag could have baught walleye cheaper then it cost him to fish on friday.

i was on the ice again this morning. pretty much the same as yesterday, 15 to 20 yrds of soft snow and slush along shore then it should be smooth sailing after that.
i pulled all four of my shanties off churchill point. now i have 7 in the bay and one at the shop.
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EBE - Don't even think that I was there when Craig was throwing the net out - though we did see the CO's Saturday, compliance was 100%:D I do think they wrote a few while they were out there though. Some guy south of us tooled over during the CO's visit, no sticker on the ATV:eek: The woman CO did a pursuit on another ATV that decided it was time to pack and run soon as she headed toward the group he was fishing with - pretty funny, she gave him about a mile head start.

I'm planning on heading up tomorrow night after work...I may have to leave early. The weather looks like you should get some good temps at night at least. I'll call you tomorrow for a bait drop;)
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