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hubbard lake

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i'm really hungry for some perch, and like most others
in mid michigan i have had a really slow year.
i'm debating on either going to st clare, or hubbard lake
on sunday. sounds like there are really mixed results on
st clair, and i haven't heard anything about hubbard in a
while. i don't have a 4-wheeler, so i will be walking,
but that doesn't bother me if i can get into some fish.
any info on hubbard would be greatly appreciated.

i fished sanford three nights this week.
i had one hit on a tear drop with a spike on it. i fought
it for almost 20 minutes, and it broke my line finally.
i am guessing it was a pike or musky. heck of a fight though.
long runs.
i also had one flag on a tip up, but it dropped it.
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last week they got into some nice 10" to 11" perch in east bay in about 12' of water. sunday it slowed down and in all honesty there really has not been anyone out since then to speak of. i had one guy who went out in 14' of water and said he didn't see a fish then i talked to another guy who went out yesterday and said he seen as lot of fish but couldn't get a bite.
i know the fish are there it is just a matter of getting on them and making them bite.
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