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How shal"low" can you go???

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How shallow have you caught anything thru the ice??? My personal was on the bay just south of the Clinton River on Lake St. Clair. On last ice two years ago, I nailed perch in 5-6 inches of water on 2" of ice. The fun part was watching the schools of 25-50 perch scamper off as I walked on the clear ice. The key to catching them was to find a 15-25 foot wide patch of white ice and set up there. You had to wait a few minutes but once they came in you would catch 4 or 5 before the school moved on. These weren't huge fish (6-9 inches long), but a good meal was to be had. Mixed in the schools of perch were schools of small minnows. I think combined with the warming water (it was 65 degrees outside), the fish were feeding heavily and had no fear of how shallow they would or could go. Did see some perch stuck between the lake bottom and the bottom of the ice. A day I'll never forget as long as I live!!!:D
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Probably at the creek mouths of Higgins Lake, big rainbows, 9-10 inches of water.
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