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How much $ do you have in your bow?

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I have an older bow but still have about $500 in bow cost and accessories. Have hunted with it for over 20 years and have continuously upgraded string, rest, silencers, etc. so I think I have gotten my moneys worth out of it. A buddy was recently telling me he has over $1,200 invested in his two year old Matthews. Just got me thinking it might be interesting to know how much everyone has tied up in their bows?
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Probably around $1200 also. Those damn arrows are what get you though.
For sure. Spending the money on a new bow last year has motivated me to get into leagues year round now. Shooting indoors at least once a week with a 3D once a month. Having a blast doing it too! Sure beats bowling in a league.
Now if you only pick up a bow a few times a year than I think its foolish to spend alot IMO,since it wont hold its value like a gun.
Shhh... thats all hunters dirty little secret! Just make sure the Fun Governor doesnt find out!
Throw in camo and hunting property and venison is about $329/lb!:lol:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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